Flash Game Contest - Extra Info

Hey everyone!
Welcome to the latest contest on the site. Basically, you try to create a game in Flash and submit your entry to this forum. Make sure you read the guidelines found here: http://www.kirupa.com/contest/game/infoguide.htm

To enter your game, create a new thread in this forum with your name and game title.

After you have submitted your entry in this forum (not this thread), check this thread a few hours later to make sure that your name appears. That is to ensure that I have a record of you having submitted your entry.

Current entries:
1. Wipe-Out - Bubblehunter
2. ARob109 - Shoot Mr. Dukes
3. Flashfish - Virtual Cow Tipping
4. uudens - multiplayer tic tac toe
5. uudens - skyfighter
6. uudens - skijump
7. spacemunkay - Stop the Squirrel
8. spacemunkay - Adi
9. Zakalwe - Forest
10. Macneilst - Slot Game
11. goSTE - The Tankgame
12. boozy - Kirby Bounce
13. dbarbarian - DTunnel 3d
14. dbarbarian - DTunnel
15. dbarbarian - battle pong
16. darazzman - airstrike
17. Fire at Will by ya3
18. bounce that ball by makecake
19. (over size limit - requested by game creator to remove game)
20. bobdoe - Catch those Blocks
21. dunga - Flash Shooter
22. dunga - Flash Canvas
23. Big_Al - pongeroids
24. Einstein Shooter - nikini
25. Racer - nikini
26. Alien Invaders - nikini
27. cooleyo - Green Space Vermin
28. master64 - TankWars
29. Findal - Raising Daisy
30. vgslag - Double Maze
31. vgslag - Tanks
32. vgslag - Super Mario War
33. ilyas - Fire
34. mattias - Hackysack
35. mattias - Barefoot Longjump
36. Thomas Lavelle - Whack a Teacher!
36. Thomas Lavelle - Teacher Combat!
37. sushideJaneiro - Isaai Battou
38. k.david - locked up
39. pyro - pacman
40. Thomas Lavelle - Adventures of Lewis and Clark
41. Firestorm9527 - TAC 2
42. McGiver - Blast a Footer
43. kto - djeep
44. rmo518 - Flies
45. dangerskew - Jedi Fighting Game
46. sephiroth - Tomoe Final Duel (RPG style)
47. m_andrews - Rocket Range
48. electricgrandpa - BvR
49. electricgrandpa - Trios
50. dunga - parachute game
51. bobdoe - KKR (Keys Keys Revolution)
52. the_traveler - Super Mario
53. chris23 - Mythology
54. weazol - Look Both Ways
55. uudens - Bush vs. Saddam

Kirupa :ub:

Kirupa - just so I’m clear (not that I’m gonna try and knock something out at the last minute you understand!! **** that Euro 2004, Tour de France …!) … is the latest that entries are submitted on 12th or do they have to be added to the forum BEFORE the 12th? And if so is that before 00:01 GMT of the 12th? ;¬)
I’m out tonight, busy tomorrow … oh, and rehearsal with my band all day Sunday but might try and finish something off and get it submitted :¬) then and only then can I sleep … :z:

t :¬)

Suuuureee you aren’t tommy :stuck_out_tongue:

Nikini - your games have been added!

Take my game off the list. It is over 250 KB. I miscalculated all the external files. Sorry.

Just so you know, I’ve added 3 games:

Double Maze
Super Mario War

Thanks vgslag - I’ve added your games.

Supree - I removed your game :frowning:

Do you want the fla’s now, or only if they get picked for the shortlist?

i wonder if the games is uploaded on links or something?, want to try some :wink:
(maybe this question shouldnt be here)

I wish I could answer, but I don’t exactly understand what you are asking :hugegrin:

Will we be able to submit games on the 12th, or is that when it’s over? The computer with my game on it is having problems and the internet isn’t working. I probably wont get it on.

You can submit until the 12th is over, as in, before the 13th. I’ll make that extension for you and everyone else :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’m pretty sure I wont even be done by then though. I didn’t work on it for a while…

EDIT: Just found out my internet wont be fixed for a while. Oh well. I’ll just put the game in the critiques section instead.

My game is not on the list. Pleeeeeeeease add it. I have worked hard on it.

K. David.

Wahoo … deadline is before the 13th - excellent - many thanks Kirupa! :¬D I’d given up on getting an entry in as my PC got a really vicious virus (from a font … grrr) that destroyed it on Saturday … why does that always happen when you least want it to!?!

You mean there’s a time when you’d most want it to happen?

LOL, no but definitely times when I least want it to ;¬)