Last day for Entries!

Hey everyone,
Today is the last day for entries. Try to get them in before the day is over in order to be eligible for the contest. Don’t worry about the FLAs for now. If we suspect something in your game, we will ask for it. I did not expect this many great entries, and I think the judges would definitely go Kill Bill on me if they found out that they had to look through 40+ FLAs.

If your game is not in the following thread: please reply in this thread in order to have it added. If your game is not on this list, it will not be judged.

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:

thx for the notice kirupa…i guess 12 midnight forum time?

Forum times are different for different people. Better just go with midnight on Kirupa’s time zone.

rushes around must finish game! Must finish!

Yeah kirupa, I may have an entry to make if I can finish it in time, whats the exact time to get entries in by (GMT please :D)?

Sometime before July 13th :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t really care which time zone you use, but I am on Central Standard Time. Any game submitted after I check tomorrow morning won’t be eligible for the contest!

Hey Kirupa, it would be great to add my entry to the list.
It is not that big haste but I would be glad to see it with the other games (so that it is in good company :wink: )

Can you add my game? That would be cool. My name on a list. That’s not for sending spam…or chain mail.

Ive been out of town all week and today is the first time ive been able to work on my game. I need all the time i can get!

if I submit a post before 12 (Eastern) should I be ok?

Sure - no problem traveler. I won’t be tracking everyone down using an atlas and a timechart to see who made the deadline or not :slight_smile:

dangerskew - game added.

kto - your game is already up there. Djeep right?


Hold the phone!!!

time for a late entry?

sorry, its yet another tank game!

hopefully by the time you read this rups my game will be at

if that link doesn’t work however go to:

2 player only I’m afraid, if noone else is online then you’ll need to open the site up in two browsers to test with

<EDIT>Oh and some instructions: use left+right arrows when its your turn to move your tank, threre’s a selection of weapons which you pick using the buttons bottom left tho most weapons have to be earnt by shooting a crate. Use the mouse to set the trajectory of your shot, click and hold to set power</EDIT>


Hey hey, what’s up, it’s 11:55 here :party: .

I know I don’t post a lot here, but I’m always around checking stuff out…

Anyhoo, here are my two entries(please add em?):

BvR : A cheezy little game I made a while ago that is pretty fun for two people on the same computer.

Trios : A really fun logic/puzzle/card game. All you brainiacs will love this one, it seems that your skill at this game can reflect your IQ… well… kinda. :A+:.

The only thing that’s really similar between these two games is their trendy:crazy: hex colour selectors, mwa ha ha. You’ll see what I mean.

G-nite all.


I used to play that logic game alot when I was little.

I suppose the contest is over now… And I have a question that may be of interest for all the people who have submitted a game: Can we edit and improve our games after the deadline?
I am asking that because as more people view it, you get more ideas for improvement. I mean, nobody can stop me from uploading a newer version, right? :slight_smile:

So can we or can we not… :h:

hmm, quite a lot of tankgames around here, well at least, I was the first person who created one in flash :smiley:
I guess I should see it as a kind of esteem?! :slight_smile:

Can we edit and improve our games after the deadline?

I think the swf’s should be downloaded and hosted here, otherwise 2 weeks of improvements can be made, which seems a bit off to me.

I thought so but, hey, who knows … :devious:

Shucks … internet connection down last night … missed the deadline :¬( Obviously wasn’t meant to be!!! Anway - GOOD LUCK to everyone who (unlike me!) did get an entry in.
I’ll wait until the next one - which given the popularity of this contest shouldn’t be too long in coming …

… should if Kirupa?! Hint, hint ;¬)


All right everyone - no new entries beyond this point will be accepted for this contest :slight_smile:

Darn, and I was planning to release my full 3d port of UT 2004, under the filesize limit and at the allowed resolution. :sure: