Flash Game: Sticky Paper Throwing Game!

what a great game!

I was instantly addicted and played for a while and didn’t realize it. Highest score I got was 1145…it’s tough! enjoy!


wow thats fun!!! nice link man!

That’s awesome man…Got 1745 already :beam:

Great game :thumb:

You are a Flash-game addict! Seek help immediately :stuck_out_tongue:

that is awesome, the animation looks great :slight_smile:

Problem is, I played once and didn’t even get a basket! hahahaha


saw this a few days ago on k10k, it’s amazing how many people read that :smiley:

best I got on my laptop is 810

edit: just got 895 :smiley:

3665 on my lappy.

Hehe =)

*starts looking for help, anxiously :ne: *


Don’t play with addicts, boy :cool:


P.S.Laptop as well :beam:
P.S.2.Going to bed now :sleep:

hahah you guys are good! I need more practice it seems… :bad:

It told me to “put down the coffee”! I’m drinking coffee! I’m scared.

Awww I only got 1335. If only I’d just gotten 2 more… :frowning:

ah! :hugegrin:

3200 on the first game :stuck_out_tongue:

fun :beam:

This may be a really stupid question, but what are you supposed to do with the planes? :trout:

hit them with paper :wink:


That’s it?! I was trying to catch them! ROFL… I’m an idiot. :trout:


[size=1]Put down the coffee.[/size]

well I finally got a few in the basket, I eneded up with 2955 - this game is crazy fuN! :slight_smile:


That shot was fresh

Must be a glitch in the matrix

The wind caught that one

Shaq can do better than that

Funny excuses… :slight_smile: