My new game 2 (page 5)

Today I got bored at work so I made this little game to entertain myself:

[swf=]width=550 height=400[/swf]

Not much :-/ but what’s your high-score?

Mine was 47.

This, my friends, is flashturbation.

40 :stuck_out_tongue:


HA! 43 :slight_smile: I´m getting better, anybody have a gameguide for this game? any tips?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, thats pretty addictive. Find it hard though to beat your scores.

aahh couldn’t get more than 45…

Gah, he turned off tab :P.

41 :).


67! Whoo hoo!

Hahah you are single aren’t you sharif? Good arm muscles? :wink:

As inapropirate as that is…i salute you :kommie: :stuck_out_tongue:

I got 27 with my trackpad at the slowest setting. :-/

Very fun game thor!

I was kidding ;P.

And we’re flashturbating okay, not masturbating.

…so he says people… so he says… :trout:

I got 35 :beam: weeeehaaaa :sigh:

Oh screw you.


getting desperate are we? no girls around? :trout:

Not on this forums :sure:.

Hey people!!!

Stop using mine and thoriphes claim to fame.

Will be ours forever!


takes out AS2 lube



btw funny game thoripes! :beam: