Flash game - Zelda

Hi there dear ppl

i’ve got some problems with flash mx… i’m trying to make a game using the arrow buttons on the keyboard to navigate thru the platform. this works so far… but the platform is kind of like a labyrinth seen from above if you know what i mean. that’s why i said it’s like zelda or pokemon on the game boy
so the view is from the top…

now the problem is i need a collision detection… this doesnt work with tutorials and the other problem is that in a labyrinth there are walls and i have to prevent that the users hit’s on walls…
so basically the player has to be able to walk thru the map and not thru or over the walls but i cant get this to work. if a player hits a wall then he should just walk along that wall but doesnt work

AND AND then when a player comes over (like in contact) with another player then the whole movie has to go to another url on the site, a html site. after he been to the html site he should be able to go back to the place where the player has been…
like when a player walks to a dragon then the movie has to go to dragon.html. but then in that page he can click to continue the walk, then the players should be place rite where he left the game and not in the beginning again…

well i hope u ppl can help me out and if u can hurry it up coz i’m trying to put my site online in a few weeks…

thanx friends

w0wz3rs!! I hope your experienced in Flash man!

I think is a good example of what your looking for??
Take a look at this. If you really need more help I might be able to provide you the source.


alright… calm down first of all. What you’re talking about is creating a tile-based world. You don’t need collision detection for this… it would be simply too complicated.

The way to create a tile based world is to use a two dimensional matrix. It’s basically a table, much like this



the 1s represent walls, and the 0s represent open spaces… see how the 0s follow a path? Games like pacman, etc, are done like this. You should start thinking in these terms.

Each object in your world will have an inherent position(x,y). When you try to move in a certain direction, lets say to the right, your actionscript should check whether (x,y+1) is occupied. If it’s not, it can move.

does this help?

ahah no no no sorry i’m not very well experienced with flash and neither with scripting hahaha but still i’m willing to learn dont i? hahaha

well yeah i hope u can send me the source if you can and yeah it does look like that in ur example.

hmmm bout that code with that 0 and 1’s it’s quite hard with just that and nothing but text…and i aint that good with just teh text…

i hope u can provide me with the code…u can send it to my mail in a txt format of you can or the whole swf and with some more explanations hehehe

well thx a lot guys
well here is what i’m trying to accomplish(i know it’s just an example)

oh ok guys here is the rite page