Flash games i have made/working on

okay, so i want someone to look at the things i have made/making and judge them. I’ve had flash for about a month and i just wanted to make games and no-one has really seen them. One is supposed to be like halo only you start of in a ship and crash land and stuff. The other was an RPG (“oh god no”) kind’ve like runescape, and other than that i’ve worked on things and then just given up. So please tell me what you think…ah crap,!!! they’re all too big except for my least favourite the RPG thing. ugh, can someone give me their site that will hist my halo type game please?! i really want someone to see this. Anyway, the RPG z=stab x=axe (for mining the rocks and chopping down the trees) c=slash a=fireball and space-bar=menu. In the menu ive only made the woodchopping and mining skill go up and therz only a mini-menu for the mining skill. Strength and will go up but kill the moose with a fireball to make will go up cuz so far it’s all u can kill.