Flash Games

Has anyone out there ever seen a game of snakes and ladders made in Flash? if so could you let me know where…cheers

It’s a nasty one alright, I tried making my own and it got stuck about halfway through. I did see a very good one though (which gave me the idea of trying myself).

It was on the Fifa website, during the World Cup, so I don’t know if it’s still available.

What’s snake and ladder?? :-\

Its a kids game where you roll dice and move your game piece on a board. IF you land on a ladder you get to skipp ahead a whole bunch of spaces. If you land on a Snake( or “shoot” depending on version of the game) you fall back down a whole bunch of spaces. Can make a good drinking game. Land on a snake and you drink, land on a ladder you pick someone else to drink.:stuck_out_tongue: