Flash guestbook and database?

[color=#4f5044]Ok I have a series of questions regarding making a flash guestbook using a database (i feel it would be the best way to do it)

Firstly - does anyone know of a really good tutorial for this - i have looked at google but found nothing of any worth - they tend to leave out how to do the database stuff. I pressume i could use the free sql database for this.

Also something else that I am wondering about - assuming I get a good tutorial and do this, what do I send to my server in terms of the database? does it save a file like a php file? and would I have to place it anywhere special on the server - inside a different folder? All this database stuff is a huge mystery to me and I hope that some expert here might guide me through this process if they have the time.

Yeah i need a mentor with this.[/color]
[color=#4f5044]might you help me?

Thank you.[/color]