Flash Help!

I know it’s kind of stupid but can anybody tell me how to open a file from flash?
PS: I tried “getURL” method. Something else please…

What kind of file?

I’m talking about a shortcut or let’s say i have the .exe of a game and i want to run it from flash…How do i do it?

If you’re hoping for flash to detect the right program for a file to open in then that’s not possible! ( e.g. bring up notepad for a txt file )
GetURl opens only the URL in IE

Are you sure? I mean, i only want to run a program…

I’m pretty sure but if it is possible then you’d probably have to make an exe file in flash… no swfs!

i don’t understand! What do i have to do?

beats me! Maybe somebody else will tell if it even is possible!

Thanks…than i’m waiting for somew help…Anyone HELP!!!

If you want to launch a exe file from a swf file then read this thread.


u should give an action to your Movie or a button,
[AS]fscommand(“exec”,“path to your file”);[/AS]

and than…

u must publish your movie as a Windows Projector.

[COLOR=blue]File > Publish Settings[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]exe file and the projector file must be in the same directory![/COLOR]

Thanks a lot…I’ll try…if it works than i’ll be extremely happy and maybe later you can check out my site…LATER