? Opening an EXE-file without using "getURL"


I’d like to open an EXE-file by clicking on a flash-button.

I tried to do so with the actionscript “getURL” to open the file.
…which worked so far that I had to specify wether I wanted to OPEN or SAVE the file (a “Download file”-window pops up).
But unfortunately this is exactly what I don’t want since either way (open or save) windows copies the file into a (TEMP-) directory and launches it from there - which doesn’t work since the file reads data from another .INI-file which needs to be in the same director.

So plain and simple: I want flash to open the executable where it is originally (a CD-ROM) and not ask me where I want to download it.

Hope this describes my problem well enough so anyone can help me!

greetings & thanx a lot in advance!


is this a website or a projector on CD-ROM?

the flash file containing the button is a projector on CD-ROM.

the executable to be opened by flash is a Visual Basic 6 executable on the CD-ROM as well

to launch an exe, use fscommand. In MX you’re required to have exes used by fscommand in a fscommand folder within your flash movies directory


@electrongeek: could you be a little more specific on that? I’m still quite new to actionscript :-/

the exec. I want flash to open doesn’t have anything to do with the flash movie itself and needs to be together in the same directory as the INI file I mentioned.

so could I just create a folder named e.g. “flash” put the projector & a folder named “fscommand” in it and the exec & the ini file in the fscommand folder and it would work?

In your flash directory, create a folder called “exec” that contains your exe file.

Then to launch the exe, use the fscommand I posted above.

okay stupid question but which flash-directory do you mean?
the one where the projector file is stored or the one where Flash MX is installed (on the harddrive)?