FLash, HTML Frames and Mac

Please help!

I have a flash movie in a frame at the top of the screen and HTML content in the bottom. When the flash movie is loaded, I pass the coldfusion session variables to the movie:

<PARAM NAME=movie VALUE=“StudentMenu.swf?”#SESSION.URLTOKEN#">

I then reference the lower frame with the session information from the flash movie:

var session = “CFID=”+CFID+"&CFTOKEN="+CFTOKEN;

getURL("https://studentsiteURL/InvestmentActivities.cfm?"+session, “student”, “POST”);

The problem is, this works beautifully on the PC, but not on a Mac! We’ve tried both IE and Netscape on the Mac and neither one of them work. With a little trouble-shooting I’ve discovered that the Mac isn’t passing the session var with the URL.

Any ideas?? The actionscript setting the globally passed in information to the session var is on the main timeline along with the menu in a separate layer.

Any help would be appreciated!!! THANKS!!!