Flash in Ebay Help

hey guys, I am trying to place an .swf file into html for my ebay ad, but it doesn’t show up. Is there a code I could use to place the .swf?
the code for pictures <img src=“picturelink.jpg”> works.
Thanks. If the question is studpid please don’t flame me. I searched prior to posting this but did not get a satisfactory answer

my one and only bump

Well what code are you using?

You could use

<embed src="pathtoswf.swf" height="" width=""></embed>

let me try that one, I was doing this <swf =“pathofswf.swf”></swf>
which obviously did not work. Thanks I’ll get back to you

Did something chage, or a <swf> tag was added ? :stuck_out_tongue: Use <embed>, or better yet, edit the *.fla file in Macromedia and hit F12. It will generate a htlm code for you.