Flash in front of pop-up menu

Hi !

I have a JavaScript pop-up menu made
with FireWorks on my website.
I also have a flash movie in the center
of the page.
When I click on a button of the menu,
the pop-up menu opens but it’s underneath
the Flash movie…
Is there a way that my pop-up menu can
display over the flash movie?

Any idea would be appreciated

Thanks! :thumb:


unfortunately, no. I had the same problem myself. The issue is that Flash movies in an HTML page are actually playing on top of the broswer window. The HTML positions it, but the Flash is above all. Changing the z-index won’t help. Your best bet is to change the layout of your design so they don’t overlap.

More info:



Hey jcs,


I’ve read the article and I’ve decided
to put “IE 5+ or Netscape 7” as a
minimum requirement for the website. :evil:

Redesigning it would be too much work.
I’m starting to get a little bit tired with
these frikin’ technical problems…


I think that emoticon you chose is perfect - this is one of those choices where you are really on the horns of a dillemma!

Let us know how it goes: a) if it works and b) how it affects your traffic