Flash v. fly-out menus

I am making a small movie for a retail site and am encountering problems with the site’s fly-out menus.

The Flash movie is in the middle of the page. When a user rolls over the shopping links to the left of the movie, the fly-out menus appear underneath the Flash movie and are obscured.

Check it out:

This one has stumped several programmers I’ve asked. Has anyone encountered this before, or have solutions other than relocating the movie?


PS. Please excuse the mess - movie is in-progress!

Have you tried manipulating the z-index to “stack” the left menu over the flash? Check this out and see if it can help: http://www.w3schools.com/dhtml/tryit.asp?filename=trydhtml_zindex2

It’s a cool site, a nice combination of flash, html, and dynamic elements. I hope you get it to work.

MM has a TechNote on this very problem. It basically says to cut your losses and design around the conflict.

Flash and other active content is rendered on top of the browser, so DHTML fly-out menus will appear below. Here’s the link for the full story: