FLASH IS GRRRRR... about to go flying out the window.... (sound issues)

ok, someone please help me on this. i dunno wtf is goin on here. i have this animation. a LOT of it is frame by frame, and also i’m using a LOT of those “rugged look” lines. and i’m pretty sure that that has something to do with it. howEVER, i need to do it this way, so i need to fix whatever the problem is. i need a loop to start playing at lets say scene 3 frame 1. when i try to make it do that it starts playing at scene 1 frame 150 or whatever. i tried stream, i tried event, i tried start, i tried stop, i even tried putting a stop sound on like every important frame before that. nothing is making it budge one bit. does anyone have any idea how to fix this? is it really lagging that much over the animation?? btw, its 24 fps if you need to know. i will post the file on my server in a minite for yall.
(please note, im not yellin at yous guys, im just totally exasperated with flash right now and i need to vent)

:trout: @ FLASH

It could be lagging, due to processor use… try preloading your animation, so that you aren’t trying to download animation and sound at the same time…

I’ll have to wait to see the .fla, for more.


here is the fla

see, the thing is, its for a standalone app, so i dont need to worry about download and all that jazz. :slight_smile: and its lagging even just on my computer… so thats seriously something wrong i bet with my fla. thanks rev for your speedy help :slight_smile:
*tries to put a chunck of hair back in scalp

even if it is a local file, the processor used in a frame by frame animation is quite large…

I’ll take a quick look at your fla…


I may be blind, but I can’t see a sound anywhere on this fla…


scene 3, frame 1, layer that says “SOUND LOOP”

sorry, didn’t realize you were using scenes…

why are you using scenes anyway?

this is gonna take more time than I have right now, I’m just walking out the door for an appointment…

maybe lost or jubba can take a look…


i like to use them to be organized… should i not be for some reason??

oh, and also, thanks for takin a look :slight_smile:

sorry golgi,

had to go look for a new place to live…

scenes can be extremely quirky at best. You should prob use load movie to cut down on the file size on immediate download (even if it is local, size does count sometimes in processor speed), and to make it more bullet proof.

For some reason (prob a loose wire somewhere… I do have a cat), my speakers aren’t speakering right now…

Maybe Sen or lost is online…


hey golgi
I think it’s fixed now.
I just declared a sound object in your third scene.

oooops forgot the .fla
here’s what you have to do.
goto library, open the properties for your sound, linkage , export for action scripting. and give it and instance name.i just named it ( long )
in the first frame of your 3rd scene.type these.
[AS]mysound= new Sound();[/AS] [AS]mysound.attachSound(“long”);[/AS] [AS]mysound.start();[/AS]

wooohoo. thanks digiliz. ya saved my life. :slight_smile:
and thanks rev, for also telling about scenes! who knew! ill kep it in mind. :thumb: