Huge Playback Issues

So I finished this presentation for school, the problem is I have to show it tomorrow and can’t get the playbakc right. The .swf file is about 12.5 meg and I am playing it on a 550Mhz Dell Latitude CPX Laptop with 128MB Ram. The show wills stop playing in the middle and I have to use the back command and then the play command to resume it. Does anyone have any ideas on another application I could use to play the file or another way to export it, I have found it plays back better when I publish it as a projector file. Thanks in advance for any help.

Is it all in one scene? If it is, you may want to break it up into loads of scenes.

Its in multiple scenes but the bulk of the content is contained on one scene, is there an easy way for me to break up the one scene into several?

Sorry bro, just hard graft

Is it stopping in the main bulk scene?

yeah, I just grafted the scene into three seperate scenes, waiting for it to publish now.

Cool. Fingers crossed for ya

No Luck, I found though that it usually plays fine the second time, but the first nope, and the third it doesn’t.

Probably would have been best to use a series of load movies. Flash gets all weird when the file size gets that big.

I can try that, do you have any guidance on how I would do that?

Have your menu on level 1 [For arguments sake].
Then when a button is clicked have it load on say level 2. If another button is clicked have that load on level 2

If it’s a straightforward presentation with no menu, export each scene as individual movies and just have a load movie at the end of each one to load the next scene.

There’s no menu, so in the last frame of each movie all I have to do is add a loadmovie command. correct? So should I just save all the .swfs into one folder and do a erlative hyperlink to them?

I got it to work, the playback is smooth as glass. Thankyou Tons.

Sweeeeet! hope it goes well m8 :slight_smile:

It should be pretty sweet, the audio is awesome, I’m surprised their letting me even touch the sound system at school again, I blew out the amp on wensday :slight_smile: