FLash Layout

Can someone please tell me what they think about this flash layout i made with SWiSH v2.0, it is kinda plain, so just see what u think i should change.


It is pretty good, I have to say it is better than what I can do so far (as far as interface design goes). I don’t think you should have the sections be different background colors. A key ingredient to a good site is good flow. The sudden change of color is kind of “in your face”, I like the background for your About section, I think it matches the site well.

My suggestions:[list][]Go out and get yourself a book on typography. I suggest “Typographic Design: Form and Communication” In particular, take time to consider each type face you use and why you are using it - ‘its a cool font’ is not a good reason.
]Ditch the whole 45 degree angle thing. It’s been done a million times and that makes it difficult to do something original with it.[/list]keep chuggin’ - the visual on the cover page has some cool chit goin on.


phaedrus does make some good points there.