Flash load in Netscape but not in IE?

I’ve created this SWF but it load in Netscape and not in IE?
It runs when you double click the swf file?

Html http://us.medec.com.au/therapeutic/loader.html
Source http://us.medec.com.au/therapeutic/loader.fla
Compile: http://us.medec.com.au/therapeutic/loader.swf


  loader.contentPath = "http://us.medec.com.au/therapeutic/getsymptoms.php?symptomsid=277";//is the path to the file 
  //loader.content =a reference to the content of the loader. The value is undefined until the load begins. 
  pBar.setStyle("themeColor", "0x000044"); 
  pBar.setStyle("color", "0x000044"); 
  pBar.label = "%1 KB out of %2 KB loaded (%3%%)" 
  pBar.conversion = 1024;//1024 per byte 
  pBar.source = loader; 
  pBar.mode = "polled";//if you want it to disappear 
  pBar.complete=function(){//this way is better than placing the code inside the component using on(complete) 
  // pBar._visible=false; 


Barry Halim

dear barry
your swf has been loaded on my IE

What version of flash player are you using?
Are you using internet explorer version 6 SP1?