Flash film works in Netscape but not in IE?

Hi fellows,

I found a preloader tutorial for preloading external SWF files at runtime. I “abused” it for loading JPGs, which should be no problem (using Flash MX). This works on my PC in Netscape 4.7 & 6.2, on Mac in Netscape 4.7 & 6.2 and IE 5, but NOT on (my) PC in IE 6. (Flash 6 player installed & checked)
You can watch and compare it in different browsers by yourself: http://www.empty-v.net/test2/sequence.html
What this film does (at least on Netscape): two JPGs are loaded at runtime, one after one. Progress is shown by a bar on top. When done loading the pictures the root-movie advances to frame 2 and shows “feddisch” (german slang for “done”).
Problem: On IE 6 the first picture shows up after a while, no progress has been shown before. The second picture won’t be seen until you press the relaod button like mad. The “done”-message isn’t displayed (I guess the film never reaches frame 2).
Should be no caching error, emptied every cache, even created new names for fresh loading.
You can see the original film (without the “done”-message) on http://www.actionscript.org/showMovie.php?id=355

This one works loaded from the original page, but shows the same strange behaviour when installed on my page. (Even tried another provider, same thing).

For better survey see the used code:

For the first (and originally only) frame:

// Feb 6th, 2002
// Sequential Preloader BETA 2 by Jesse Stratford
// www.actionscript.org, [email][email protected][/email]
// --------------------------
// initialize counter variables
count = 0;
// how many movies are we going to be loading?
numMoviesToLoad = 2;
// define our loadNext function
function loadNext () {
	// we're no longer preloading the last movie
	_root["loadcontainer"+count] = false;
	// send the percent bar back to it's first frame (0%)
	// if there are still movies which need loading
	if (count<numMoviesToLoad) {
		// incriment counter
		trace ("here count");
		// instance name for the next container MC
		var newName = "container"+count;
		// duplicate the container MC
		_root.container.duplicateMovieClip(newName, count);
		// this is my debugging code
		with (this[newName]) {
			_x = random(150);
			_y = random(150);
			_xscale = random(100);
			_yscale = random(100);
			_alpha = 50;
		// end debugging
		// load the next movie in the sequence into the new container
		loadMovie ("bild"+count+"b.jpg", _root[newName]);
		// we are now preloading a new movie, set the var to True
		_root["load"+newName] = true;


and for the new created MC-Container

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	// if this movie needs preloading
	if (_root["load"+this._name]) {
		// has the loadMovie command been processed yet?
		if (total_bytes == null) {
			total_bytes = this.getBytesTotal();
		} else {
			// controll bar - standard % preloader code
			loaded_bytes = this.getBytesLoaded();
			remaining_bytes = total_bytes-loaded_bytes;
			percent_done = int((loaded_bytes/total_bytes)*100);
			// if loading is complete
			if (percent_done == 100) {
				trace ("fully loaded");
				// not loading this one any more, load the next
				_root["load"+this._name] = false;

First I hope you can see the same error with that version on my page (empty-v), so I’m not alone. Second I hope you have some useful tips for a workaround.
Some comments:
I need to load JPGs, not SWFs. This will be for dynamic loading of ~1500 JPGs on a photographer’s site. These JPGs are subject to change, and I don’t want to create an extra SWF for each JPG.
Maybe this has something to do with timeouts? Why does this only happen in IE 6, and why not in the original movie?

Thanx for any comment or tip!

As long as I try the film local, using local JPGs to be loaded

loadMovie ("bild"+count+"b.jpg", _root[newName]);

it works and displays both of the images.
As soon as I use a reference to the WWW

loadMovie ("http://www.empty-v.net/test2/bild"+count+"b.jpg", _root[newName]);

the first image will show up after a while, but the movie doesn’t notice (as confirmed with dozens of trace-lines in the code).
I narrowed the problem to the following: the code wants to see if the JPG/SWF is fully loaded by comparing the total_Bytes and the loaded_Bytes. BUT: when using WWW-Reference the getBytesLoaded and getBytesTotal methods don’t work, they return 0 (ZERO!!!).
I tried to add

onClipEvent (data) {
	trace(this._name+" data received!!!");

which fires when loading local data, but doesn’t fire when using WWW-files.
Tried it uploaded on my server, Netscape works fine, IE doesn’t.
This sucks, doesn’t it?

I can’t really offer a solution, but i’ve also run into IE / NetScape problems. at http://flash.webhq.ca you can log in using IE, but Netscape does nothing.

(‘test’ as both username and password.)

Netscape doesnt seem to want to send the login data to the server

I tried to login on that page, IE works fine, Netscape 4.7 works too, but after logging in it displays the movie a “bit” smaller, about 50*40 in size. In Netscape 6.2 similar problem, but about 120x80 in size. This sucks, too. But this doesn’t seem to be a problem related to flash rather than to the perl-script displaying the movie.