Flash logo in vector format


Does anyone know where I can obtain a version of the red Flash MX ‘F’ logo in vector format ?

I have tried many times to draw it in Freehand but it’s quite a complex shape for a newbie!

All help or advice will be very much appreciated.

Thanks :goatee:

hold on making one for you now

Here you go

I find it easier to use FW

this is in FWMX format

Hey Lost or someone how can I give him this source file? I guess give me your email or something.

Fantastic! Thanx loads for your help and speedy reply - hope it didn’t take too long to make.

I don’t often use FWMX but I think it’s time I took another look!

Thanks again 3d-iva C:-)

I worry you will not be able to open it and edit it. Are you able? It took me like 3mins to make. Yeah man FWMX is kick a$$ for vector stuff. I use freehand for print stuff. Glad I could help.

No worries, it worked fine. I opened it in Freehand and altho I couldn’t edit the individual points, I just resized the overall shape which was exactly what I needed!

just fyi for anyone who doesnt know about this link:


great place for finding logos :slight_smile: