Flash Looping in Home Page

First let me say that my impression of this community so far is
Wow!..Awesome job you guys are doing.

I tried looking for what I’m about to ask in the forums and tutorials but so far
No luck. I’m sure this has been asked before. Pardon me if so. Couldn’t find it,
I don’t even know how is this thing called or if it has a specific name. It seems
so used nowadays.

I would like to have a flash in the home page of a site but I would really love to
Make it as it is in sites like Walmart, [URL=“http://www.fiu.edu/”]FIU, or [URL=“http://www.msn.com”]MSN.com (but flash). The main flash
you guys have probably seemed in other sites…it is like a quick slideshow with
Usually 3 links that constantly loops and in some cases besides having “Next” or
“Previous” or just “Arrows” for user Interaction, the flash can be controlled by its
position (“numbers”) as well.

I would really appreciate the direction or help any Kirupa community gives me.

Thank you for your time.

[SIZE=1]“Flash masta wannabe” [/SIZE]