Flash-matrix move

HI does anyone know how to do that matrix-movie move? If so, Please help!

someone might, however, you are going to have to clarify. There are a lot of Matrix-Movie Moves…the whole dam movie was full of moves. Do you mean the one where the time stops and the camera spins? there is a post about that. You would need a 3D program like Swift, or 3DS MAX and then incorporate it into flash. Not easy.

Or if you’re an Actionscript god, and you feel like reading 250,000 lines of actionscript, you can check this <a href=http://www.robertpenner.com>site</a>, it has the effect with an exploding ball. But I serioulsy doubt you can understand what going on in the fla…\r\rpom 0]

You COULD do a keyframe by keyframe rotation of your characters and background, like a professional animator would do, but that would be REALLY, REALLY HARD.\r\rThe easiest way to do it is with Swift 3d, but if you don’t have Swift it’s pretty well impossible.\r\rAlthough I, for one, am sick of Matrix parodies, so it’s really a blessing that you can’t pull this off.

lol, nice LA…I agree. I think the next person to ask about Matrix Movie effects should be shot, drawn-and-quartered, and then (whatever is left) should be dragged thru town tied to the back of a buick, and then hanged. :wink: :cool: :lol: :eek: :rollin:

best way to do that would be using 3dsmax with swift3d plugin = $$$$$$$ :smiley:

Thanks all for your comments, opinions and advice. Really.

do u need the 3d max plugin?\r\rcoz then how wood u bend the cylinders in swift?