Flash menu slider tutorial question

i’m having problems with the flash menu slider file, it works fine for four buttons but as soon as i add in button_5 , button_6 or button_7 the slider instead of moving under that button will jump all the way back to the left…only for those three buttons…i accounted for them all in the code but it still does the same thing…can anyone please help me out…thanks in advance…

easeSpeed = 5;
//slider_mc is your Movie Clip's name, not the Instance Name.
slider_mc.onEnterFrame = function() {
this._x += (xMove-this._x)/easeSpeed;
button_1.onPress = function() {
xMove = button_1._x;
button_2.onPress = function() {
xMove = button_2._x;
button_3.onPress = function() {
xMove = button_3._x;
button_4.onPress = function() {
xMove = button_4._x;
button_5.onPress = function() {
xMove = button_5._x;
button_6.onPress = function() {
xMove = button_6._x;
button_7.onPress = function() {
xMove = button_7._x;

Did you give the added buttons the correct instance names?

yep they’re button_1, button_2, etc., i figured out the problem…stupid mistake…thanks for the help