Flash Mind Reader

how does this work?


i looked at the other thread but it was censored or something.

Hint: 9

eww i love hints, 9 symbols are randomized?


Hint number 2:

those are the only numbers that you get, and so 1/3 ain’t bad, ain’t bad at all.



Have a beer now :beer:

wait i am still not right, explain?

it’s all stupid math man …

don’t waste your time with it :slight_smile:

without bothering to click in the sphere, take 5 random two digit numbers, figure out the math [##=##-(#+#)] on each number.

take the 5 results you got and check them all on the list.

now… click the sphere so that it resets. Take those same 5 results and check them against the list again

seeing a pattern?

ok, now how many times has a mind reader been explained now? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been posted a million times before…