Flash Movie in HTML table cell

Hi All
Hope u guys are doing great. I browsed this entire website for adjusting the flash movie according to any screen resolution. one best way I found was to publish the movie in percent basis (width = 100%, height = 100%) and in a html table (as i need to place my movie there) with table width = 100% and height = 100%. this works really great in all resolutions sizes(as far of my knowledge).
what my problem is, when i minimise the browser, or resize it by playing with screen width and height, the movie inside the screen shrinks!! i see the font and image shrinking when we minimise the browser…
best example
how can we get rid of it.
is there any way to do that??? the reason i put movie in table is to make sure even when we minimise browser, we can still see the actual font and image!
but its cheating me…

Yo Gundu, it’s you again (just answered another of yar questions) :slight_smile:
Well, hmm, where to start…the main interest in delivering a website with Flash is that no matter what the viewers browser size, he will still always see all of the content/page, because swf/vectors can be scaled.
If you do not want your swf file to scale, why use vecotrs/ Falsh (except for the beauty of it,lol), just use jpg/gif/png images…
But (to part you been waiting for) there is an option when you publish your file, don’t use % (html tab, size drop-down), use pixels instead and enter your stage size.
Is this what you wanted?