Flash movie not working properly on pc...ok on mac

Hi all, my flash movie (created in MX, exported as flash 6), is not working properly on a PC once uploaded to a server, even though it has worked properly on every mac i’ve tested it on. Granted, Ive only tested it on one pc (a somewhat busted and virus laden one as well), but is there any reason why there could be a compatibility difference? I noticed that when running the movie on the pc, the title bar in internet explorer would show the frame labels in the url as they were being accessed. weird- is that how it works?

anyway, if anyone has a PC and wants to test it…here’s the link (the site is in no way finished, but I cannot get the menu bar drop downs for “artists” and “contact” to work on the pc- not to mention things loading weirdly or sometimes not at all). The other buttons don’t work yet- so don’t worry about those. BTW, the stage is supposed to load scrollable text and then a random background (out of 2). The site is not yet up for public viewing so any comments as far as loading times / order etc. would also be appreciated.

while i’m at it…is 30 fps too fast for most users- what is a good “standard” to shoot for (12 is WAY too slow for what I’m trying to do)?