Flash Movie Player

Hello all! I am willing to pay 5 dollars via Paypal for if someone can help me in either

(A) Making me this
(B) Helping me making this
© Or, showing me where one is. (But you don’t give 5 that way :p.)

So you what is ‘this’?

I need something that will show movies on the left, as a still shot, ones that I have uploaded, and then when clicked, the the right, a player will come up, and show the movie.

So, heres a picture I have uploaded to give you a better idea.

I’m not looking for an admin panel, and all that, just I have to upload to a certain folder, (and a thumbnail if needed.) and then set the title some how. Maybe have a separate place for me to upload it instead of through FlashFXP. That way I can set the title.

I know 5 isn’t that much. But it’s all I have to offer. I just really need this for my machinima clan to kick off.

I can also give credit where do.