Flash Movie to CD-ROM

I am interested in making my flash movie into a CD-ROM. I want it to be play automatically when i put it in a computer, MAC or PC. (i know how annoying this feature is…)

Is it possible to do this directly from FLASH?

or do i need to import the file into DIRECTOR?

if any of you guys know, i would appreciate the help.

thank you :tb:

possible from flash - yes.

do a search, i’ve seen this question before :wink:

oh, duh… sorry,…

that is what the search option is for isnt it!

:slight_smile: :tb: - me

hehe yup :wink:

you need autorun.inf or something begining with autorun i’ll guve you a program that make the file if you want you just put this file in the root directory of you cd rom

he can also make a projector file and use that as the exe :wink: (unless you want a html-page to pop up?)

edit: quote: PC and MAC - well then, I guess it’s a html page you want. but hmm
ahh I dunno.