Flash movie won't work on Macintosh IE

Hello everyone!

I’m new to website building and I can’t (for the life of me)
figure out why my Flash movie won’t work in Internet Explorer on the MAC.

I’m building most of this site in DreamweaverMX but have some simple flash movies in it.
(This is actually a test website to help me learn how to create one.)

I heard that macromedia has some source code called ‘Mac wierdness’ on their products page but I don’t know enough about code to figure out which part I should use and also where to put it in my html page.

Maybe there’s an easier way of doing it!?!:frowning:

I don’t mean to be such a dummy, I’m just trying to learn with the brain that I was given.


P.S. I attached a text file with the source code. I saved it from a MAC because it obviously would not show up with ‘Mac wierdness’ on a PC.

so it works on your pc? but not on your mac?

i’ve never had any trouble with that before … my sites always work. i’ll take a look at the code you have and if i find anything wrong i’ll post back here :slight_smile:

do you have this site posted anywhere on the web? maybe that would help to figure out whats wrong with it b/c it looks like you’ve got quite a bit of script in your template. i’d like to see how it’s all supposed to come together assuming it will work on a pc

After looking at your code I am going to assume you are using Dreamweavers WYSIWYG Editor (the part where you can view your content and drag it around to where you want it, etc, instead of coding by hand).

Reason of assumption: This code is way to complex to be done by a newbie page maker. Although I am not new at webdesign, looking at that cluttered code makes my head ache…:)It’s almost impossible to see what is wrong just by looking at the code. Maybe send a link to the page.

lol … i hear ya lostinbeta

i looked through the code but as per usual with wsywig editors … it hurts !

I find it incredibly ironic that WYSIWYG editors are made for beginners, but the coding is so advanced that if a person wanted to edit something by hand it would be almost impossible for a beginner.

I do all my coding by hand, that way I can organize the code however I want and comment each section accordingly. I like to keep my code organized, that way when I want to edit something all I have to do is open up the file, go right to the comment and edit what I want to edit (if I don’t feel like scrolling I could use the Find Text option in most text/html editors).

<B>EDIT:</B> I think we strayed off subject here…:slight_smile:


aye lad … that we did.

interesting point though about the wsywig editors. i would imagine though that it would be extremely difficult for dreamweave to organize the code in an “easy to read” fashion moreso than it already does b/c of all the functionality it has in addition to the undo and redo ability people have … sometimes bits of code get left behind and mixed around.

could be a long debate … but as you said … off topic

i do, however, have one on topic thing to say … maybe you need to update your version of flash player in internet explorer. :slight_smile:

just some thoughts :slight_smile:

I had a problem with Netscape where my movie didn’t show, but I uninstalled then reinstalled the plug-in and it worked after that.

I also had a friend with a mac that wouldn’t let them install the flash plug-in for her IE, it kept giving her an error about the plug-ins folder not existing, when it really did.

My point being: You might want to try a different mac that has IE.

Sorry took so long to reply.

Go to http://test.warddigital.com to see the site I’m having problems with. The intro flash movie and the banner on the other pages are not finished yet.

The text file that I uploaded yesterday was directly from the macromedia site, so you should probably forget about it.

I don’t have any experience with ANY website building, I’m just
muddling my way through. I’m just now learning HTML (heehee).

OKAY! Don’t laugh at me. I am at beyond basic (novice) web designer level.

I just wanted to figure out the MAC FLASH thing.

Thanks for the help. Check out the site and let me know what you guys think I could do to make it work on a mac.