Flash multiplayer help needed

Hi. I’m new here so forgive me if i post this in the wrong section. But since my question deals with flash games…it should be in this section i guess.
My project is to create a word puzzle turn-based game much like “wheel of fortune” or using that same concept. I’ve never learned the flash actionscript language before (but because of this project i’ll have to learn it all now). I’ll be using flash 8 to develop this game.

Now another crucial requirement is to implement multiplayer so that 2 or 3 ppl can play this online. This means web-based multiplayer. I’ve done some research and came across many terms like xmlsocket, flashcom server, electroserver, smartfox server. Now i’m really confused. Like what’s the easiest way to get around this? Or is there an alternative…i heard something can be done with php to keep scores and to connect multiple clients online…i dunno(maybe i’m just talking rubbish…forgive me).

Which method is the one i should use to actually make this game work? I dont even know the entire concept of adding multiplayer to a flash game. Can someone who has the experience or know-how in this area please explain to me in a simple manner (maybe with some insights or personal suggestions too)?

Note: i’m NOT asking anyone to develop the entire game for me, just that maybe give me a headstart/guidance or something (and maybe ideas to make my game unique; dont want it to be another clone of “wheel of fortune”).