Flash MX 2004 7.2 update released!

This update to Flash MX 2004 (Ellipsis) increases developer productivity by making the application lighter and more efficient to use. The updater offers substantial improvements in performance and stability and more comprehensive documentation"

Improvements include:

Faster initial launch time

Compile times up to twice as fast

More than 400 additional code examples

Additional documentation on working with components

Fixed over 2000 documentation issues

A scrollbar component

Numerous usability improvements

Over 100 bug fixes:
» 34 crash bugs found and fixed!
» 7 lost/corrupt data bugs
» 1 memory leak bug
» Many bugs surrounding double-byte fonts and IME
» MX files no longer fail to Save As
» When using forms, screen code is now correctly saved

Here is the update

You can also find info here


this’s been posted 2wice already… :slight_smile:

it’s cool tho :p: