Flash MX 2004 problem with Windows 98/ME

I have developed a pretty complex presentation which combines video and synchronized slides. The way the presentation works is like this:

The presenation is broken down into sections. Within each section are 6 videos and 6 slides. Each video is synched to the cooresponding slide. Once the video plays and reaches the end it should go to the next video/slide.

This functionality plays fine on Windows 2000 and XP, but does not work seem to work correctly under Windows 98 or ME. Once the video plays through it fails to go to the next video/slide.

Similarly, at the end of the 6th (and final) video in the section it should load the next section in the presentation. This also fails to work under Windows 98 or ME.

The presentation is built based upon the Flash MX 2004 Professional “Forms” template. Each video/slide is it’s own screen. The videos are using LabeledCuePoint navigation pointed at the main parent slide which hides/shows each video/slide screen.

If anyone has a work around or any knowledge as to what could be causing the problem I would GREATLY appreciate your help!

You can view the presentation at:

To view the problem:

  1. click “Skip Opening” at the beginning of the presentation
  2. This brings you to the Main Menu.
  3. Click on the top Photo.
  4. This brings you to the Overview section.
  5. Click on “Slide 01” from the navigation on the left side.
  6. This starts the presentation. The video and slide should load and begin to play.
  7. The problem occurs (on Win 98/ME machines) at the end of the first video. What SHOULD occur is the second video and slide loads and begin to play.
  8. The other, similar problem, can be observed if you click on “Slide 06” and let the video play. At the end of the video it should load the “Roundtable” section of the presentation.

Once again ANY HELP or INSIGHT will be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you!