Flash Mx game battle

Who wants to go against me for a game battle.

To see who makes the best game before 2 weeks is up.


1.As Many Competetors possable(No Limit)
2.Game has to be Flash based
3.You need good graphics to be rated well
4.Need at least some sound
5.As much as interactivity as possable.


Flash Mx
Any Graphics Program
Only use Flash Mx for the actionscript.


If lower dont matter.
If any higher dont matter as long as its uploadable.

Cant use previous game made.

So Who wants to be in this battle.

Dang no on wants to challenge me Ill have to think of another battle cya til then I think.

Looks that way

There has been a game battle already, and it was a disaster because it requires a LOT of work.

Well not to much work.

Just like a mini game not this full version 2 hour game

i would but im going away to the sea…

and i’d rather get sun-tan than get computer-tan

=) if it happens though i’ll be glad to check the battle from far away

Are you going in a barrel? :beam:

No that would be going over the .
Niagra Falls Not the ocean.

he will probally make his own boat.
One with holes in them

Why holes? Why not just one HOLE… right under his BUMS… he’ll get thrown all da way back to his computer chair:beam:

i think a game battle would be fun… if we could get some people of course… count me in… but we gotta have a semi-distant deadline

I like your footer scoot :slight_smile:

I was the only one that entered the last one and I was the only one that won

show off :stuck_out_tongue:

my game could have really stunk. I was just the only won that entered, thats all :wink: and right on the deadline too :!:


[size=1](yes, I ROCK)[/size]

winning by default doesnt prove anything… :wink: (yes that is a challenge sir)

cmon nobody wants to do this?

which is why I won! :beam:

pfft i wanna do this… i didnt know about it at the time…
wanna have another game battle?

Come on. I would like to join if you people would let me. Like I said, the African Adornis is up for any challenge, its GO TIME;) :wink:

so it can be
Bulldog(still wanna do it?)
and whoever else wants to…