Flash MX Loader Stalls!

I’ve got a problem.:q: I’ve done up a Presentation CD of myself (for employment purposes). The interface is small in size but the movies I load into a blank movieclip are much larger (~10-30MB).

My problem is that because the files are so large, I want people to see a progres bar telling them how much of the external swf has been loaded into the empty movieclip. I’ve tried it many times but each time my main flash movie just hangs until the entire external swf is loaded… which makes a loader pretty useless.

If anybody can help please do so. If you have a working example and don’t mind sharing your .fla then even better.


There are quite a few tutorials about that here, man. Check’em. :hat:

Tried em all. Thanks for the advice, NEXT!!

Seriously, I’ve tried everything (except the right thing). Anybody have a fla they can share?

There’s even a component tutorial… It does all the job. :slight_smile: