loadMovie prob

i created a short movie with this kind of preloder.

a bar with 100 width, if the width >= 100, itll go to frame 2.
i tested it by running the swf and when the bar hits 100%, it wll go to frame 2.
here is my problem, i created a button and tell the button to load this swf, it appeared showing the bar loading up, but the bar never stops loading, it loads until the bar is out of the screen. but when i run the swf alone, when the bar reaches 100 width, it goes to the frme i assgned it to go. but when i load it as an external swf, it doesnt stop loading.

also i tried to load a flash site with all links functional, but when i loaded it using load movie, yes, the movie appeared but the links are all dead.

help me please:(

We could help, if you provide us with some used scripts or .fla file.