FLASH MX NEWBIE ! Preview my Site (PLEASE!)

I know I know I know. u prolly don’t want to do it but im REALLY new at this and just started at it tonight with flash MX and swift3d but can u please check out my site www.angelfire.com/ca7/studdly42 it would really mean alot to me. and critique the hell out of it even if i only have the 2 pages up. The graphic design stuff i have no prob with but its the flash that bites me. Feel free to give me tips on my technique and my approach. THANK U MUUUCH!! =)

the design and everything is good expect the animation is very slow and choppy at first on my 56k :rollin: …i read somewhere that only about 20% of the ppl in north america have broadband so…the animation of the rectangles did increase once eveyrthing was loaded and it looked okay…\r\r:smokin:

Design-wise: everything seems a bit out of proportion. The size of the text is too big. Empty space is good, but there’s too much empty space… especially the extra space at the top. The red and purples from the top and bottom bars don’t compliment eachother. The animation with the rectangles seems really out of place and unnecessary. It looks cool, but it doesn’t fit in with the rest of your site.\r\rIn terms of Flash, I think you need to further explore what flash can do for you. Aside from 3D renderings and animation, Flash has much more powerful capabilities.

yeah thanks u guys. i was in a real rush to just get somethin up real quick. so whats up there on that page is REALLY rushed to say the least. Ive been working in photoshop 4 about 3 and a half years and im tryin to figure out how best to transfer what i creat in photoshop into site material. So im still fudgin with jpeg&gif, html/xml/dhtml and all this other stuff. bascially that whole 2nd page isnt gonna b there anyway so im not really to bothered about that. just need time to work on it and decide on wht content im puttin up.\rthank u for the comments though they mean ALOT especially from professionals.

Never rush things!! :smiley:

Looking at that 3D thingy, I can tell that you’ve been following Kirupa’s tutorials :smiley: But Renni’s right (as always concerning design, unfortunately) it looks cool but totally out of place. But you could use it to introduce your menu or something : at some point, it becomes all black, so you could stop the animation there and… I don’t know, something.\r\rpom 0]