Flash MX Text Alpha Issues

I’ve used previous versions of Flash with relatively few difficulties but I can’t seem to get MX to alpha text.

I insert a keyframe in layer1, put some text on the stage, convert it to a symbol (m clip), create a motion tween, change the alpha settings and when I hit enter all works well. However, if I control-enter or export the file the alpha does not change on the text. Help!!!


do you have any actions? like a stop or anything, better if you could post your fla, so i can check it out :smirk:


Maybe you forgot to embed the font that you are trying to change the _alpha property???

i think joe made the alpha with a tween effect , not with code.

It doesn’t really matter whether Joe9977 did it with the motion tween or with the script…

If he/she used Static Text, then it should work just fine whether he/she tried Play or Test Movie since Flash will embed the font for that Static Text automatically… But if it was dynamic Text and the font wasn’t embeded, it will still work on Play, but it won’t work on Test Movie, as Joe9977 mentioned above… You will have to specify whether you are going to embed the font for the Dynamic Text or not, otherwise, Flash won’t embed the font…

you cant alpha tween dynamic text, maybe with code, but not with tween effects.

::my bad , forget what i said, lol, i must be tied :smirk:

i just tried both, converted dynamic text to a graphic and in character options selected ‘No characters’ and the text still came up on a test?

Yup… That’s how it is… It works fine with the embedded font, right??? :cowboy:

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Yeah… I need to go get some sleep too… Almost 5am here… :beam: