Flash mx text...help =)

i cant seem to get flash to outline my text lettering. is this an option that has been neglected by macromedia? i cant color tween text either. seems like u cant do that much with text in flash. am i just a dumbass that cant figure it out? or has it been left out? i’m trying to outline the text in this link


it would look alot nicer if there was an outline of the text dont u think? thanks for the help y’all.

First : of course you can’t color tween : it’s a mask
Second : You could try to put the same text under, only a little bigger. It could create the effect. I’m not sure. I don’t know how to explain that. Does that make any sense to you ?
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Well… if you break the text apart you can color tween.

either shape, by using one fill color on the first keyFrame, and then a second fill color on the second keyframe, OR with motion by using the effects panel; selecting one color for the first keyframe and then a second for the second.

On something like that breaking apart the text shouldn’t be a problem… also would solve any outline problems. It would only be impossible to do if you wanted to keep the text editable.

Thanks alot for your suggestions. I’m gonna apply your techniques right now. =)