Flash MX Text Scroller Hyperlink Problem


[font=Arial]Please help, I don’t know what I’m doing. I just started in Flash. I’m trying to create a XML text scroller in MX that contains links to other sites.[/font]




[font=Arial]I want to make sure I do this right and know how it works so that I can start asking new questions…[/font]

[font=Arial]Ran into a little problem…[/font]

[font=Arial]I’m working with a few different files:[/font]

[font=Arial]links.swf (the XML scroller)[/font]
[font=Arial]and links.xml[/font]

[font=Arial]On my server if I go to links.swf it works just fine. Displays the XML and everything.[/font]

[font=Arial]But, if I go to links.swf by clicking the links button from navigation.swf, it displays the files flash header but doesn’t retrieve the XML links.[/font]

[font=Arial]The code for the links button is as follows:[/font]

[font=Arial]on (release) {[/font]
[font=Arial]loadMovieNum(“links.swf”, 10);[/font]


[font=Arial]And I’ved tried changing: data_xml.load(“links.xml”); [/font]

[font=Arial]to: data_xml.load(“folder_name_where_xml_file_is/links.xml”);[/font]

[font=Arial]I’ve tried everything that I can do and it doesn’t work. It comes up if I go directly to links.swf but the XML doesn’t come up if I click on it through the navigation. I’m really confused. [/font]

[font=Arial]It has to be a problem with the link. The swf appears, but without the XML. I tried different directories for both the swf and XML. I don’t know what it is because I’m not sure of what I’m looking for at this point. Why isn’t it grabbing the XML?[/font]

[font=Arial]What do I need to do for the XML to display correctly?[/font]

[font=Arial]Need more info? I appreciate any help.[/font]

[font=Arial]jules [/font]