Flash mx

To all:

I have done a word search game but has faced some problems.
Hope that the problems that I have listed below can be solved as soon as possible.

P1: Is there anyway where the user can only click on the PROCEED button after which the user has found all the words required?

P2: How do I add a ‘TRY A NEW WORD’ button to my game so that when the user enters the wrong answer and the user can click on this button to type another answer?

P3: How come all the words in my last part of my game are being circled when the user has not typed in anything?

My game files is attached below.Please take a look at it.

Thank you.

Haven’t looked at the fla yet, but the answer to the first one is fairly simple. Just put the button into a movie clip. Then you can set the _visible property to false, making it invisible (and therefore unclickable). You then have a test flag set up so that when the user has found a word, the game checks whether all of them have been found, then if they have, alters the _visible property of the clip to true, so a user can proceed.

Hi Kit:

I have followed your instructions of converting the PROCEED button in my game to a movie clip and sets the _visible property to false but the button still does not appear out after I have finished playing the first part of the game where all the 3 words are found?

Can you please also explain to me how am I going to set a test flag for my game?

Thank you.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

My game file is attached below.