Flash navigation in HTML layer

Hey Folks,

I’m working on a website and the client wants a Flash navigation but the rest of the site to be in HTML. Not a problem. Client wants the menu to have sub (and possibly sub-sub) menus to go over top the HTML text. I read Kirupa’s tutorial and read Macromedia’s Flash docs on creating a transparent background and putting it in a layer over top the HTML. I have done all this no problem. The problem arises when I try to place the menu layer where I want it in Dreamweaver and preview the site. The layer stays put when I resize the browser window and does not move with the rest of the page. I found that if I remove the layer’s T and L values completely the layer moves with the browser window but leaves me guessing as to what its position will be while working in Dreamweaver. Is there a way to tell the layer to stay where I have it in my Dreamweaver layout? Thanks in advance for any advice.