Flash not showing, not a .js problem

I know you have seen this title 1,000 times, but this isn’t your average .js problem. I know it is something simple, but if someone could help that would be great. Here is the code. I am basically pulling the images from a folder that is named in the flash file. Then that is embedded into the HTML. It is working locally. The .js file is there (the front page flash is working fine), I made sure all the images are in the correct folders on the server, stumped??? You can see at the bottom what folder the images need to be in and are named "Photo1.jpg, Photo2.jpg). Here is the kicker, this was moved from a different server to a new server. Same files, just not working. I have had problems with uploading new files to godaddy and permissions for the file? Here is the flash code:

intervalm = 4000;//Time interval in milliseconds
mainstotry = 20;//Maximum images to be shown at once by the slideshow.
//This is also the ammount of images that flash will try to look for, in the folder.
imgnumber = 2;//First image to be created by duplicating “photo1”
faddingnow = 0;//Image to be faded out
fadeback = 1;//Background of fadding pair
fadedbefore = mainstotal;//Init of previous faded image, to be hid and 100alphaed
mainstotal = mainstotal;//Init of total of valid loaded images
aqui = this; //Tells the functions where this slideshow is located
//this is the main fader
fader = function(who, shade, frames) {
alphastart = who._alpha;
shadedif = shade - who._alpha;
who.onEnterFrame = function() {
//who._alpha -= 10;
who._alpha = who._alpha + shadedif / frames;
if (Math.abs(who._alpha - shade) < Math.abs(shadedif / frames)) {
who._alpha = shade;
delete who.onEnterFrame;
//This actions calls the fader()
function justFades(aqui) {
mainpInterval_inited =true;
this = aqui;
this[“photo”+fadedbefore]._visible = false;
trace(“hidden: “+this[“photo”+fadedbefore]);
this[“photo”+fadedbefore]._alpha = 100;
this[“photo”+fadeback]._visible = true;
fader(this[“photo”+faddingnow], 0, 20);
fadedbefore = faddingnow;
function whatToFade() {
this = aqui;
//if the last image has already been faded out…
if (fadedbefore == mainstotal) {
this.photo1._visible = true;
this.photo2._visible = true;
this[“photo”+(mainstotal+1)]._visible = false;
fadeback = 2;
faddingnow = 1;
//if next pair’s background image is smaller than 1px, sets total loaded…
} else if (this[“photo”+fadeback]._width<1) {
mainstotal = faddingnow;
//…duplicates first foto below the last loaded image.
loadMovie(“boat_captain/Photo1.jpg”, this[“photo”+fadeback]);
//…and batch deletes the rest of empty movieclips.
do {
} while (fadeback<mainstotry);
//This tries to load the maximum ammount of images to be shown at once in the slideshow
for (i=1; i<=mainstotry; i++) {
this.createEmptyMovieClip(“photo”+i, 1000-i);
this[“photo”+i]._visible = false;
loadMovie(“boat_captain/Photo”+i+”.jpg”, this[“photo”+i]);
//This makes sure the interval is loaded just once or cleared before another one is called.
if (mainpInterval_inited !=true) {
var mainpInterval:Number = new setInterval(justFades, intervalm, aqui);
this.onUnload = function() {