Photo Gallery

hi. i’m having problems with the photo’s. i copied the codings and followed the instructions, but for some reason, my photos dont seem to show on the flash movie. flash didnt give me any errors. i resized my pictures.
anyone help me?

Hey dreshocked,
Did you specify the path to the photos? It could be that your animation is in another directory on your site while the HTML containing the animation is in another directory. The animation works relative to the CURRENT URL loaded and not the URL from with the animation actually came from. For example, if your animation is in a /animation folder and your HTML page is in the /html folder, the animation will look at the /html folder to find the images if you did not specify a path. Also, I think the photos need to be JPG, but I am not sure if other formats will work or not.

Hope I didn’t confuse you :slight_smile: If you want, zip and attach the FLA file, and we’ll be more than glad to look into it for you.

Kirupa :pirate: