Flash On Desktop

I’m not sure if anyone has already discovered this but u can have you flash animations on your desktop using HTML format. Meaning u export the flash in HTML and browse for it at the desktop properties.

You can also click on buttons and input text and all that stuff on your desktop!; actionscripts work as well. I haven’t tried loading another swf or files into the flash though.

did anyone already discovered this?? :azn:

yep :slight_smile: I have have voets MP3 player on the back :stuck_out_tongue:

lol! kewl :stuck_out_tongue:

Thing is, it’ll eat up your ressources. Try launching a game at the same time.

true, true…what about just having a small sized one

it is small very small in the corner… :stuck_out_tongue: And I have a kickass 1800 Mhtz pc So i can handle it… :stuck_out_tongue:

wow:hr:…what do i have…1.5??:-/ gotta double check