Flash or HTML?

hey guys i was wondering if you can help me choose flash or html for my v4 website. here is what i know i want on the website so far…

-red/black/gray(diff shades) colors.
-Easy to navigate through
-A descent amount of room
-and at the same time, i’d also like to have some nice interfaces.
-pixel fonts
-not sure if i want some 3d stuff on it but maybe.
-some cool effects maybe
-not a long time to load

thats pretty much what i have so far…
so what do you guys think? flash or html???
-thanks peepole!


Well these days you can go either way. I reccomend using flash with HTML.

What the h*ll Is this 4 a question. FLash all the way.

I agree with Craz, it can go either way. I’ve seen some pretty amazing sites that were hybrids with flash and html combined.

I still see some amazing sites done without any flash at all.

Take a look at http://avionics.flashlevel.com That uses flash and HTML to a great effect, But I recommend Flash all the way!!!:smiley:

thanks a lot peepole!!

wow awesome site!

yep, combining flash and html can still create awsome pages, like heres and example of a site with just a flash header, but it fits in so good with the html part:


i love that site.

yeah man! thats a great site! thanks