Flash vs. html: what does the average surfer want?

ive heard that surveys suggest that the average person “surfing” the internet would rather search through a simple, easy-to-use html website instead of a flash based one with animations and apparently confusing menu systems.

i just wondered what the general opinion on this subject was here. everyone here is going to prefer the flash websites for obvious reasons, but do you think that the above statement is true?

also, i cant help thinking that designing a site in html is far more limited - whereas it seems at the moment that flash is limitLESS…

perhaps someone could give me a link to a really well designed html based site that would convince me otherwise…?


www.austinweddingprofessionals.com and www.visuallyrics.com are 2 good html sites.

www.austinweddingprofessionals.com and www.visuallyrics.com are 2 good html sites.

not at all in my opinion. They might serve the purpose of informing, but are NOT eye attractive…

The only gripe I have with Flash is the absence of a native back button.

Plus some of the flash ads are getting really annoying.


Use anchors, have a good flash structure and the user can then use his own back button.

we all love a easy useble php site:) my site is php and a some images:P

i wonder what whould happend if some one started a anti flash site lol

i’m not so sure about that either… they both struggle bigtime with colors. very beginner photoshoppy.

HTML. Flash is good for complementing HTML, but shouldn’t be used to make full sites.

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Full flash sites have a purpose, but it’s generally to impress, rather than to inform.

The other problem is the basics you get in HTML (recognisable buttons/‘normal’ coloured, underlined hyperlinks) are often put in second place with a full-flash site. This makes navigation a pain, unless the author takes this into consideration.

There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to find what you’re supposed to be clicking on, no matter how good the site looks. This is the internet, not some cheesy sci-fi movie.

Then of course, in some situations, a full-flash, sci-fi movie looking, confusing button brandishing, camo-link sporting website may be exactly what is needed.

it’s all about the presentation.

If done properly, the difference between a well done full-flash site and a hybrid (flash+php, flash+html) is unnoticable. Too many people forget that.

My favourite is Flash menus/banner and the rest in php/html.

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www.austinweddingprofessionals.com and www.visuallyrics.com are 2 good html sites.

whats so good about them? colors are dreadful!