Flash photo album Tut

HI all, I’ve been working on the photo album tut posted on this website. I’ve used it before, but now I went ahead and put in a loader bar. The loader bar seems to be working, but I can’t get the images to load. If I test the movie by hitting ctrl-Enter twice, the loader bar works and I get my forward/back buttons, but no images. If I then go up to the “debug” drop down menu and choose one of the speeds, my 1st image loads and I can use the forward/back buttons, but I don’t get the automatic fade in/ fade out. If I export the movie, I get my buttons, but no loader bar and no images. Does anyone out there have an idea what is going on? I’ve used the same code, the only thing I’ve done different is add the preloader into the flash movie. Could that be messing everything up? I’ve attached the file if anyone is interested in taking a look. Feel free to rip what I’ve done, I need to learn this properly and I would appreciate any and all advice, even just opinion.