Flash, PHP and MYSQL

Via a PHP script content coming from a mysql database is loaded in to Flash. Im using the following script to reach that:

myData = new LoadVars();
myData.ref = this;
myData.onLoad = function(succes) {
 if (succes) {
  for (var i = 0; i<this.cant; i++) {
   var t = this.ref["holder_mc"+i];
   this.ref["Id_txt"+i].text = this["homeID"+i];
   this.ref["Title_txt"+i].htmlText = this["cityName"+i];
   this.ref["Comments_txt"+i].text = this["description"+i];
   t.onRelease = function() {
	getURL("detail_home.cfm?homeID="+this["homeID"+i], "_blank", "POST");
 } else {
  trace("Error loading data");

What i try to reach is to open a certain detail page when one of the loaded thumbnails is pressed or released see the t.onRelease = function(){

But that isn’t working. Both detail pages are opening up automaticaly. What am i doing wrong.

thanks in advance :slight_smile: