poll for the thing you are best at :bu: C:-)

“eating” is not on the list, hence I cannot vote… :sure:


I use dreamweaver (good thing to forget html in!)
PHP is pretty self learning (not pro)

but i would say c++ (even thoguh not a client/server site web language)

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**“eating” is not on the list, hence I cannot vote… :sure: **

request - mod, please add eating in there :slight_smile:

I voted PHP… for the last few months I haven’t touched flash and have been doing “hardcore” php… i :love: php!


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**HTML. **


HTML = easy stuff

HTML scince i was 9!

:slight_smile: Eh… PHP and C++

So I just picked PHP for simplicity sake.

I don’t know :h: :frowning:

lol then its html

  • i only use quick reply

That would be Flash for me. I’m currently learning PHP and SQL, but I’m still a novice at it.