Flash <-> PHP communications via arrays

hi everyone,

i am new here and would first of all like to ask you to explain things well because i am a real beginner in actionscript (i am using flash mx 2004)

i have made up a php page (you can find here) that retrieves data from a mysql database and well should send it to my flash application using arrays via

loadVariablesNum("get.php", 0, "POST");

(note that at the end of the long string on my php page there is a [color=SeaGreen]&maxx=21[color=Black] (that will be used to show the maximum number of items in the arrays i want to transfer)
well then when i try and start debugging my actionscript, i can fugure out that the data has actualy been recieved from the php code because i have [color=SeaGreen]_root.maxx == 21[color=Black] is true but the remaining data i intended to transfer in arrays is *not *transfered : [/color][/color][/color]_root.xpos[1] == 9.5[/color] is *false.
*could anyone please tell me how to adapt things explained in this tutorial in order to be able to use arrays to transfer data.

thank you,